Web Enable IT is an Application Service Provider developing custom, web-based database solutions in the era of cloud computing and SaaS (Software as a Service).

Web Enable IT was founded by two experienced developers, graduates of Cambridge and Manchester Universities, disillusioned with outdated approaches that were being deployed as back-office database solutions.

Realising early on that the shift to the cloud required more intuitive technologies, Web Enable IT staff worked hard to make sure they are in a strong position to deliver innovative, flexible and robust solutions.

Backed by an angel investor, the founders have pursued their vision for responsive solutions that simplify later changes. Flexibility is central to the Web Enable IT approach: our clients are all free to decide how and when technological changes take place to meet the demands of their evolving business commitments.

We are confident in our approach to deliver a solution that is robust yet open to later changes. This ability enabled us to develop the manufacturing application Statii, a SaaS system accessed via the cloud, without a formal specification. The only guidance provided for this project was half-finished, ‘brittle’ prototype plus the regular verbal input of two experienced manufacturing veterans with a vision for the system. Despite this brief the results have been a great success and Statii is now a complete production management system supporting manufacturers and engineers across the UK and internationally. 

Web Enable IT are trusted by large-scale and SME clients seeking to minimise cost and risk in developing new business intelligence tools. Ipsen Biopharm, for example, commissioned Web Enable IT to deliver and support a complete risk management solution and we have delivered and continue to support systems  relating to patient data, client/service user information, logistics, contract efficiency, warehouse management, inventory/work scheduling and many more.

All of our systems are Java based and are deployed with an industrial strength database at the back-end. No third party license fees are involved. We  use the world’s leading open source software to underpin our approach and deliver best in class solutions from the very first day of implementation.

  • Proven business record
  • Robust systems
  • Customised to your needs
  • Ease of change
  • Rapid development
  • Affordability

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