Case Studies

A more detailed look at some of our successes.

Case Study: Statii – a Solution for a Vertical Market

StatiiSynergetix, a small but ambitious engineering firm, approached us with a vision of a market disruptive ERP application targeted at manufacturing and engineering firms. They had reached the limitations of their Access prototype and needed a more serious, future proof solution.

Consulting closely with the two directors, who had significant experience of the frustrating software market for their industry, we carefully understood the requirements and created a more robust web-enabled platform to realise the potential of their ideas.

Statii is the result of the long term partnership between Web Enable IT and Synergetix.

As with any vision, it was evolving as the system was being developed. We reacted to an evolving specification without incurring significant costs and it was a key part of the software becoming ready for resale.

Mark Kemp:  “During the development of Statii, as we have worked with Web Enable IT and learned more about their capabilities, we have made multiple changes to our original specification. Web Enable IT have gone the extra mile to ensure that Statii does everything we wanted and more and has become something we are immensely proud of.”

Mark Thornhill: “The guys at Web Enable have demonstrated time and time again that they are deeply committed to a long term partnership and worthy of our trust. Our product needs to be easy to use but at the same time has great depth with some very complicated features – and they delivered on this. As with any serious project in development, there were occasions where the functionality wasn’t quite what we desired, and they diligently went away then came back on point and without fuss. It has been a pleasure to work with them over the last year.”

Case Study: Benecare – a Unique Problem

Benecare Medical approached us after years of frustration with an existing software developer. Their legacy database system had never worked as desired and the supplier had failed to fully understand the very specific albeit tricky requirement that underpinned the entire proposition.

With extensive sales data coming directly from the NHS that Benecare needed to report on alongside their own sales data for clients handled outside of the NHS procurement system, combining the two sets of data was complicated by the unconventional NHS date format.

Web Enable IT identified immediately how the foundation of the application needed to be built, and how the user interface could intuitively present a complex series of reports in an easy to browse format.

Using OLAP – specifically a multidimensional database with significant aggregations – now Benecare directors can browse their sales performance along different dimensions whilst individual sales staff get their own equivalent personal view of their sales. With several KPI reports using the same format, now Benecare understands where their sales performance is improving or dropping.

Leo Lachs: “Web Enable IT understood our problem precisely, and their solution gives us incredible clarity over our sales. The dynamic reports allow us to assess sales performance in amazing detail. Using the dynamic drill-down reporting features of the application, we can browse from the total sales all the way through the territory, customer, department then even down to the individual transaction. With the same style of reports working for our product hierarchy and KPIs, the software has far exceeded our expectations and the memory of our legacy database seems like the dark ages.”

Stuart Lachs: “When rolling out the system by Web Enable IT, a discrepancy between the results of their software and our legacy database lead to an audit that proved that our legacy application was producing completely incorrect results. The new software gives me complete confidence, is so much easier to use yet provides me with much more information.”