Web Enable IT creates numerous new solutions each year and actively maintains a number of existing client systems.

Below are some of our delivered systems. Demonstration of these applications may be at the discretion of the commissioning customer. Please contact Web Enable IT for further information if you wish to see a demonstration.

Synergetix Ltd

  • ERP/MRP System for Manufacturing & Engineering

Statii is an intuitive and fully featured online ERP/MRP system available as SaaS (Software as a Service) and is possibly the most groundbreaking system that Web Enable IT has developed so far.

Web Enable IT spent over a year developing Statii, originally with only a prototype as a spec. We further provide transparent hosting and technical support for the commissioning company, Synergetix.

Please visit the our Statii page to learn more.

Context PR

  • Activity Log & Invoice Management

Context PR were one of Web Enable IT’s first customers and needed to track PR work done against the invoices going out, so the company management could see at a glance if the work cost was in line with the contract value.

Context PR said:

“Emanate has transformed the business. It is bespoke to our consultancy’s needs and can be changed and adapted to make it even better as we learn more about its capabilities. I have an up-to-the minute overview of how we are performing. It keeps track of costs and consultant time without duplication of effort and minimal intrusion into their daily tasks. Also we can enter data from anywhere because it’s cloud based, which means I can introduce more flexible working patterns and we have a failsafe back up to secure remote servers.”

Wirral Change

  • Questionnaire database linked with a Client Relationship Management system and analysis tool 

Wirral Change offers information, advice and guidance on a variety of important issues for people of racial minorities on the Wirral. A large amount of information has to be collected by the charity and this information needs to be managed in a way that allows them to provide the best advice and assistance to their clients.

Web Enable IT developed QU – a questionnaire and knowledge management Software as a Service (SaaS).

To find out more about this innovative product, click here.

UPS Warehouse

  • Quote Management

With up to 50 quotes a day, the pen and paper system used by the company management made quoting a precarious exercise that was totally dependent upon memory.  Web Enable IT created a system that instantly pulls up similar quotes and highlights the customer so UPSW could quote in confidence and be less dependent upon the individual.

Benecare Medical

  • NHS Sales Feed Reports including KPIs

Benecare Medical provides a diverse range of medical care products both to the NHS procurement and direct to hospitals/trusts.  The NHS provides a sales feed and Web Enable IT created a system that integrates this sales feed with the direct sales feeds, and an advanced reporting system that presents these feeds as one source of data.  This enables Benecare to see their sales performance in a browsable breakdown as ‘3D data’ from which they can drill right down to each transaction.

Toynbee Hall

  • Charity CRM

As a provider of services to the local community, Toynbee Hall needed a system for tracking their interactions with clients. Any charity must keep records of its client interactions as an essential mechanism for justifying expenditure and as a prerequisite for further funding being made available. The system Web Enable IT provided means that Toynbee Hall is fully compliant in its client record keeping obligations.

Capita Symonds Structures

  • Pipeline & Sales Management

With SAP and other large systems not satisfying the requirements of the Structures department at Capita Symonds, Web Enable IT was commissioned to develop a system that had the required flexibility to manage their income pipeline.

Highground Legal

  • HR and H&S Legal Advice

Web Enable IT have been commissioned to create an advice and action management system based on a generalised legal document compliance framework.

Rapiscan Systems

  • Equipment Service Database