QU is client management application designed to ensure detailed reports, including key performance indicators and project outcomes, are easy to generate. QU enables better service delivery to the community through a simple to use interface.

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QU1QU was created for charities, but the solution can apply to any organisation collecting structured data from clients.

QU is made to be flexible – storing the data you require whilst exposing that data through dynamic reports. It splits forms and reports by team, but shares the clients, meaning you have a full history against each client in a single database.

In Short, QU gives you full control of the knowledge and information collected by the organisation.

From initial assessment and throughout the organisation’s interaction with each client, data is stored and reportable in a variety of formats – using charts and well-being stars, for example.

1. Set Up Your Teams

With a full user and team management tool, create your teams and assign them to the users.

You can assign users to multiple teams, reassign users at any time, modify passwords, etc – you are in control.

2. Build Forms for Your TeamsQU2

Forms – or questionnaires – are easy to create. Set the question and the type of answer (yes/know, multiple choice, etc). Add as many questions as required for each form, and as many forms as required for each team.

All popular types of answer are supported – numbers, dates, text (single line or multiline), choices, check box, and attachments such as relevant pdf documents, can be attached to the record.

Definable types of answers allow information analysis at a more relevant and meaningful level. For example demographics such as age, smoker/non-smoker could be viewed in conjunction with health levels, etc.

3. Interact with ClientsQU4

That’s it – you are ready to use QU!

When a team member interviews a client they simply retrieve the appropriate form and fill in the details – either on a desktop machine at the time of interview or later.

The database is ready to connect with a bespoke tablet/smartphone front-end if this is desired. Paper attachments can also be scanned and uploaded, allowing you to retire those racks of filing cabinets.

As your teams enter client data and interactions, the reports – automatically created based on the questionnaires – are updated live.

And Much More

Its easy to get started with QU, but that’s not where the features end. The database system is built to be adaptable to the specific requirements of your organisation.

Each questionnaire has an automatic printable pdf document associated with it, which can be shared immediately by email through the application.

When form requirements change – a common occurrence for charities – then you simply change the form. The existing data is still in there and can still can be used and analysed along with the new data.

If you are interested to explore the benefits of using QU to manage information at your charity or organisation, please contact us.