QU Frequently Asked Questions

What is QU?

QU is a database system designed specifically for charities and not-for-profit organisations.

Like a Client Relationship Management system, QU contains a profile for each service user and detail on their interaction with the organisation and the particular programs it offers, whether in health, education, employment, domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse, or others.

Detailed, bespoke reports generated by QU are immediate, reliable and secure.

Reports are easy to generate. Information on an individual’s interaction with the organisation, their progress measured over time and key performance indicators such as levels of engagement and positive progress are all details that help produce annual reports and quantify the day to day work of the organisation.

QU ensures information is collected and stored in a central location. Sensitive information is kept secure by giving users role-based access to data. The system is usually accessed by a desktop or laptop – though if a tablet is preferred for mobility QU can be displayed through a bespoke app for your organisation.

Whilst the real work of the organisation is at the level of personal interactions and development of individuals and communities together, we understand that quantified information helps to measure individual and program-based progress over a period of time and gives funding bodies statistics to help secure and renew significant financial investment.

Who uses QU?

QU was originally designed and built for a charity offering advice and guidance on employment, health and wellbeing for black and racial minorities in the Wirral community.

Since then, the system has been developed to support any organisation that collects and relies upon information and we are proud to continue to make this software available to charities and not for profit organisations at a minimal cost.

How is QU used?

If your organisation is divided into teams, for example with different projects for service users, these teams are set up along with the relevant questionnaires that will help gather detailed information efficiently.

When clients visit, simply enter the information required. QU can be used to guide the interviewer to provide the best advice to the service user, and to retain information which is updated at intervals.

The progress of each service user is easy to monitor through their profile and visual displays of data are available, such as the Well-being Star used often by charities to measure progress in key personal development areas.

Reports across projects, or the whole organisation, are easy to generate and the data can be exported to a CSV file for further distribution or for inserting into annual reports and marketing material.

QU is a flexible system and makes data available to be used to support any form of visual reports (graphs, charts, etc) desired.

What are the primary benefits of QU?

QU stores information in one central location.

Storing information using tailored criteria (questionnaires, for example, designed and edited by managers and supervisors) and linking this data to better reporting methods (graphs, charts, exportable CSV files) means that the organisation can produce immediate reports on detailed and reliable data.

QU is designed to be simple and easy to use. Tabbed browsing, for example, is just like a web-browser, and the clear display of information can be tailored to the organisation, the project or even the individual user’s preference.

With a simple to use system that better manages information, QU facilitates input and makes the data collected more reliable. QU doesn’t double-up the data entry required, it simply makes it quicker and more robust, freeing up staff to spend more time interacting with people and less time filling in forms.

By giving users role-based access, each member of staff can see only the information relevant to their position in the organisation, keeping sensitive data secure.

Where is QU data stored?

QU can be hosted locally on your existing server or we arrange for it to be hosted remotely as a cloud-based service.

The advantage of a cloud-based system is that it doesn’t take up vital network storage space, or require a server to be purchased, which can be cumbersome and occupy physical office space. We offer cloud-hosting as part of our standard support and maintenance package.

Who do I turn to for support with QU?

All our systems are fully supported and maintained by a team of dedicated software developers. This means that if you have any questions about the system, a member of the team who built it is available to talk to at all times.

Our full support and maintenance also means that as we develop new features and make continuous improvements to the system, these will be uploaded to your system to keep it at optimum operating capability.

What does ‘QU’ stand for?

QU, being the first two letters of ‘questionnaire’, is a pun – we tailor our systems to your needs and the information is entered by the user – cue you!

We recognise the need for good user interaction and to avoid task duplication and we have worked hard to make the system simple and efficient, giving you robust, reliable data and an enjoyable user experience.

How can I learn more?

If you are interested to know more about QU working within your organisation, please contact us – we’ll arrange a demonstration with one of our Senior Developers to tell you more.