Web Enable IT is the technical expertise behind Statii, an innovative Production Management software for manufacturers and engineers, with an emphasis on MRP (Material Requirements Planning).

Statii is the vision of 2 manufacturing veterans who commissioned Web Enable IT to make their vision a reality (see Case Studies).

Full Business Process

Statii gives users full control over the entire job process, starting from first contact through to enquiry, job costing, sales order, then creating the purchase orders, works orders, delivery notes and invoices.

Each step of the process comes with professional generated documents, all personalised with your company logo and details, and is highly automated whilst leaving the user in control.

Using the Statii dashboard, you are never more than a few clicks away from the information you need.

Performance Focus

Statii Dashboard

The Dashboard – click for a larger image

Quick links from the dashboard give you direct access to overdue or problematic areas in your business process. Overdue enquiries can be quickly identified. Overdue invoices, purchase orders, sales orders are immediately brought to your attention.

Dynamic reports give you a precise overview of your current performance. Quickly find which companies have the most credit or which purchase orders from a supplier were late over a set period, allowing you to focus on your work to bring in revenue and identify bottlenecks.

Cost Control

Shop floor personnel log their routines using the tablet-enabled Shop Floor Data Collection module, a simple touch screen interface for logging what job they are on. This data is fed live back in to Statii as part of cost control.

Ongoing costs are tracked giving a complete overview of the actual cost of a job, allowing a manufacturing company to spot problems early and take proactive measures to keep the costs of a job under control.

Quality Control

Many industries have tight regulations and standards, and a full non-conformance process gives Statii users confidence that they can conform to the ISO standards to which they are held.

With a full understanding of the job pipeline, you can keep your customers informed, fostering positive customer-supplier relationships.

Intuitive & Easy

Enquiry on Monitor

A consistent user interface and strict design guidelines mean Statii is unrivalled in the market when it comes to ease of use. This helps keep training costs down and makes it much easier to roll out Statii as a new system. Perhaps most important of all, confident users that understand a system and its benefits will enter data correctly.

As a SaaS product, Statii comes without the IT headaches that most on-site solutions incur. No expensive servers, no formal back up protocols to implement. That’s all done for you using our professional hosting services. All you need is a desktop PC or laptop and access to the Internet.

Of course, if you need to host it internally yourselves, we are happy to help you do that too.