Web Enable IT employs experts at creating and supporting bespoke database applications that work over the web.

We love nothing more than to dig in to the details of a specification, work closely with the users of the system to find out how the system should work, and put our years of experience into delivering it for them, on time and at a reasonable cost.

We have many successful and supported customer projects behind us. Our services may be helpful to you if :

  • your organisation has time consuming spreadsheets that need replacing by a database
  • your organisation has reached the limits of an old, unsupported, MS Access or ASP system
  • you have a business idea for a cloud based system for wider usage
  • you know what you want from software but have been unable to find it
  • you know what you need to get out of your software but it can’t do it

If so, or you need our services for any other reason, then please get in touch. We would be delighted to hear from you.


We prefer to implement cloud based solutions and are pleased to provide a proven hosting services or to work with a chosen provider if they pass our technical review.

All of our hosted options are more efficient than ‘in house’ solutions.