By ‘solutions’ we infer a system that was developed by Web Enable IT and is usable over the web .  If your requirements are not satisfied by one of the following products, please contact us to discuss your business needs and how we can be of benefit to you.


Available now as a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution, Statii is a fully supported and professional solution matching the requirements of build-to-order or build-from-stock engineering and manufacturing companies. Originally aimed at smaller companies, Statii is proving popular with larger corporations that find much of the existing software unsatisfactory.

Environment, Health and Safety

A complete Risk Management system with a strong focus on accountability, traceability and detailed reports from live data. Create and acknowledge risk assessments, manage information from a central ‘hub’  and develop industry best practice methods in all operational areas by monitoring robust data on key performance indicators.

Sales Pipeline and Forecasting

An accurate pipeline and forecasting tool that incorporates billing progress on existing projects with factor-based forecasting for prospective and new business opportunities. Originally developed in conjunction with a FTSE 100 company involved in large-scale building project development, this application is available as a SaaS tool over the web.

Legal Apps

A suite of programs aimed at health and safety and human resources compliance.

QU – Questionnaire Application

QU is an innovative SaaS for consolidating team interactions with clients. Easy to manage questionnaire style forms capture client data, with automatic reports and documents. Ideal for charities and with an increasing range of applicability. Click here for more detailed information on QU.


We are confident we can meet your needs and deliver an intuitive solution to help you build better Business Intelligence into your organisation. Our next solution will be custom-built for you.

Please feel free to contact us.