Web Enable IT produces robust Java based systems that use an industrial strength database.  Writing directly in Java can be tedious and time consuming so Web Enable It has produced a number of innovative tools and techniques that greatly speed up the process whilst producing extremely robust but malleable code.

Web Enable IT actively maintains and develops a toolkit of innovative technical products that are used to speed delivery of custom systems and to guarantee the robustness of the results whilst enabling the ease of system changes. All of the products produce or utilise Java to deliver their benefits.


Our flagship software is a cutting edge database application design tool that is engineered to overcome many of the shortcomings holding back traditional developments.

Emanate is not currently released in order to maintain our cutting edge and it is actively used in-house. For more information on using Emanate, please contact us.


A build tool that is able tackle any build problem in a structured, declarative and elegant way. Building a system after development is where many newly written systems fail if they have to interact with or use other software components. Ebuild is available for general usage and is superior to the other available build tools.

Find out more at or contact us for costs on supporting EBuild deployments. Ebuild is available as an open source product.


Vexi is a powerful web user interface platform, built on Java, that makes declaring rich user interfaces easy. Vexi has been used with other tools to develop a widely used Hospital Management system in the USA, HCARE1. Vexi is available as an open source product.

Find out more at or contact us for costs on custom developments or support of your own Vexi-based developments.